Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase Barcus-Berry products?

Barcus-Berry does not sell direct to consumer. Our products are available through our customers, authorized Barcus-Berry dealers. We would be happy to direct you to a dealer in or near your area, your zip code provided. If your favorite dealer isn’t currently carrying Barcus-Berry, ask them to start carrying it in their store. Barcus-Berry is owned and exclusively distributed by KMCMusicorp, a division of KMC Music, Inc.

How do I know which pickup system is right for my instrument?
Click here for our complete Product Selection Guide.

Is a preamp required with all the pickups?
A preamp is required with all the band pickups and all the orchestral pickups except for the 3100. Those pickups which require preamps are sold with the preamps as systems. A preamp is not required with any of the guitar pickups.

What kind of warranty comes with Barcus-Berry products?
Barcus-Berry warrants its products to be free from defects in materials, components and workmanship for one year from date of purchase, provided the warranty registration card (included in the product packaging) is filled out and returned within 10 days of purchase date. We will replace or repair, at our discretion, this product with a new or reconditioned product. It is understood that it is the buyer’s responsibility to return this item to the dealer from whom it was purchased*, all postage and insurance being prepaid. This warranty is null and void if this product has been tampered with, damaged by accident, neglected, or misused, nor does it cover damage caused by weather or storage conditions. Barcus-Berry reserves the right to determine neglect. This warranty is valid in the USA only. In some states you may have legal rights other than those stated herein.

*If you are unable to return your item to the dealer from whom you purchased it, please call our Customer Service center at: 860-509-8888 for return instructions.

Where can I find installation instructions for my Barcus-Berry product?
There should be installation instructions included in the packaging of your product, but if not, please click here for PDFs of our instruction manuals.

For all other questions please send an email to:

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