Arvel Bird

Arvel Bird, Violinist

Chromatic-AE Violin (BAR-CAEC) in Copper

Quote: "I live on the road full-time working  about 160  shows a year. A great sounding violin is a must to communicate the feeling that I want my fans to take with them from one of my shows. I began playing Barcus-Berry violins when I was with Glen Campbell and I always knew I would get not only a consistent quality of sound, but also a sturdy instrument. I know I can always count on my Barcus-Berry violin to deliver what I need."

Bio: Arvel Bird, is an international award-winning Southern Paiute/Scottish violinist, flutist and storyteller. He long believed the violin could be used as a lead solo instrument and is doing just that.  His stage show, Many Tribes, One Fire, is one of the hottest Native American shows touring today. Born in Idaho, raised in Utah and Arizona, Arvel first picked up the violin at 9 years of age and spent the next 11 years in classical training. Eventually he mastered a variety of styles to create his own sound called World Tribal Fusion. For several years he toured with Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, Louise Mandrell and others. Since 2001, Arvel has been touring internationally, performing his own contemporary Native American, Celtic, bluegrass, country, jazz, blues, and more. Arvel is now coming full circle as he releases his first Classical CD, Tribal Music Suite, a concerto for violin and Native American flutes this fall.  

In 2007, Arvel was selected by fans and his peers as Artist of the Year at the Native American Music Awards and Best Instrumentalist at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

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