Tom Baxter

Tom Baxter, Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

“The Maplebar” Magnetic Pickup (MAPLEBAR)

Bio: If Tom's songs are new to you, the craft of writing them has been his life. He was born in Suffolk, but his early years were spent in Cornwall. "My mum and dad were both musicians as well, they did the '60s folk circuit for years," he remembers. His brother Charlie learned the drums, Tom learned the guitar and by the time they were in their early teens, they'd put a band together. When he was 19, Tom moved to London to go to music college and began gigging hard, banging away at locked industry doors. He was playing covers in the front bar at the Bedford in Balham, south London, when the tide turned back in favor of singer-songwriters. As he started to introduce his own material, a groundswell began that's been bubbling up ever since. His debut album 'Feather and Stone' set the tone, and now his newest album 'Skybound' delivers on its promise. Witness it live, and you're part of the rare experience of an audience totally captivated by what they're watching.

’is a collection of ten extraordinarily powerful compositions, from which the unforgettable love song 'Better' appeared as a single on December 3rd. This was followed by its prestigious appearance on the soundtrack of the Simon Pegg/Dylan Moran comedy movie 'Run, Fat Boy, Run,' directed by David 'Friends' Schwimmer. It also came on the heels of an extensive October tour of the UK and Ireland by one of the most acclaimed live performers of recent years. 'Skybound' is a worthy sequel to his 2004 debut 'Feather and Stone,' which built via word of mouth and his own irresistible live shows to impressive UK sales of some 70,000. Baxter co-produced the new album with Jeremy Stacey, known for his work with Nerina Pallot, Sheryl Crow, Roddy Frame and others.

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