Nachito Herrera

Nachito Herrera, Pianist, Afro-Cuban All Stars!

4000 Piano Planar Wave System (4000)

Bio: Widely recognized as a young genius, Ignacio "Nachito" Herrera stunned Cuban audiences at the age of twelve, performing Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 with the Havana Symphony Orchestra. His love of classical music quickly combined with traditional Cuban rhythms under the instruction of the Cuban masters-Rubén González, Jorge Gomez Labraña, and Frank Fernández. In his twenties, Nachito became the musical director at the famous "Tropicana" in Cuba where he continued to deepen his repertoire. In the late 1990's, Nachito joined the famed Cubanismo as its lead pianist, arranger, and musical director while cultivating a passion, talent and reputation in Latin Jazz; a striking influence in his music today.

Nachito has toured, performed, and shared the stage with exceptional musicians: Michel Camilo, Michael Tainer, Tata Quines, Carlos de Puerto, Tito Puentes, Oscar de Leon, Giovanni Hidalgo (Mananguito), Emilio del Monte, Jesus Alemany, Yellowjackets and many others. In addition to being a talented and engaging performer, Nachito has been involved in fifteen different album projects in various capacities: as a producer, collaborator, arranger, artist and musician. Today, a new project emerges on the market from Nachito Herrera: Bembé En Mi Casa.

Bembé En Mi Casa is a journey through rich combinations of Cuban rhythms - both old and new; a show of spiritual force and musical talent; and a demonstration of proud Cuban tradition. Bembé is supported by a talented, and acclaimed group of Cuban musicians including Raúl Pineda on drums, Jesús Díaz as lead vocal and percussion, Adalberto Lara on trumpet, Nardy Castellini on saxophone and Mirdalys Herrera on vocals.

"Hotter than the burning tip of a contraband Cuban cigar. Stronger than a straight shot of Havana rum. As exciting as a World Series game, with El Duque on the mound. And tastier than a big platter of black beans, rice, sweet plantains and ropa vieja thats shredded beef folks. Explosive. Crowd pleasing. Rhythmically intense. Romantic. Dynamic. Jaw-droppingly good." - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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