Mia Theodoratus

Mia Theodoratus, Harpist

4000 Harp and Piano Planar Wave System (4000)

Quote: "My 4000 Piano & Harp Planar Wave System lets me effortless switch between the beautiful acoustic sound of my vintage concert harp and my effects pedals. The signal is hot enough to use old analog effects pedals and there is no popping sound when I switch back to the unaltered signal. There is nothing like surprising an audience with flange, distortion and chorus coming from a pedal harp! The pickup also transfers easily to another harp."

Bio: Mia Theodoratus has played harp professionally in NYC for 15 years including high profile events for Vanity Fair magazine, Ports 1961, Shanghai Tang Haute Couture, and Deitch Art Gallery.
Her recent performances include Dueling Harps performed at REDCAT at the Walt Disney Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, Irish Music Concerts at the Irish Arts Center where she runs the harp program, and the National Shakespeare Company production of Oedipus with Avery Brooks at the Herod Atticus Theatre in Athens, Greece.

Her recent press includes the Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, Vogue and Artforum. She loves to play whether it’s for models going down the runway in Shanghai, China or a bridal march when you march down the aisle. You can read about the Dueling Harps performance in the LA Times here.

To find out more about Mia Theodoratus, visit her website: http://miatheodoratus.com/

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