Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson

Piano & Harp Planar Wave System (4000)

Quote: "I play with a 10-piece band that can get quite loud, but with two (stereo) Barcus-Berry Wave Planar 4000's, I can really turn up my monitors so that I can hear myself. I get absolutely no feedback (which I did all the time with mics) and the tone is extremely full and natural sounding. Thank you have really made life on the road with my acoustic piano a joy!"

Bio: Brian Culbertson began his quest in music at the age of 8 on piano, adding drums at 9, trombone at 10 then bass at 12. In 1994 - at the ripe young age of 20 - Brian self-produced his debut album, Long Night Out. Over seven albums, Brian Culbertson has been creating "our songs" for the masses to great effect. He is the winner of the 2001 Smooth Jazz Award for Best Keyboardist, the 2005 American Society of Young Musicians' "All That Jazz Award", and of nine Downbeat student awards for performance (piano/trombone) and composition. Ever since, Culbertson has been steadily amassing a faithful audience with his recordings, then sealing the deal with his high-energy concerts.

To find out more info about Brian, please visit Brian's website.

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