Dan Hochhalter

Dan Hochhalter, fiddler, Gretchen Wilson

Vibrato-AE Violin (BAR-AEVR) in Red-Berry Burst and the (1320) Violin Bridge Transducer.

Quote: "Ever since I was a kid, I've been using the Barcus-Berry 1320 pickup on my fiddle.  Through the years, I've tried all the other popular brands, but I always found myself going back to Barcus-Berry. The warm, yet transparent tone that it provides has become essential to my live sound, making all other pickups seem harsh and sterile. A lot has changed since I bought my first Barcus-Berry, but there's one thing that hasn't...I still rely on that same 1320, night after night."

Bio: Born and raised just outside of Minnesota's Twin Cities, Dan started playing violin soon after learning to read. As years passed, Dan's lessons on the violin evolved into fiddle lessons. His musical aptitude was apparent, and he started entering talent contests and performing in local bands. Dan dedicated his teenage years to performing in Minnesota clubs and bars on nights and weekends, gaining valuable experience that would lead Dan to success in the future. At 20-years-old, Dan decided to take his career further and moved to Nashville in search of a nationally touring band to join. With preparation, hard work and plenty of good fortune, Dan landed his first gig in Nashville, playing fiddle with Lonestar. After a few years, Dan was invited to join Gretchen Wilson's band on the fiddle. Since moving from Minnesota, he has performed and/or recording with many talented artists, including Lonestar, Carrie Underwood, Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Mike Inez (Alice in Chains), James Otto, John Rich and Blaine Larsen.

To find out more info about Dan, visit his website: www.fiddlinDan.com.

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