Jason Perri

Jason Perri , violinist

Vibrato-AE Violin (BAR-AE)

Quote: "When I was sixteen, the first live pickup I ever owned was a Barcus-Berry, and I loved it because I sounded LOUD. Years later, I'm playing Barcus-Berry violins, and they are such a musically and visually appealing instrument. People often hear with their eyes first and then listen to the tone, and my Barcus-Berry violins have already captured the audience's attention on many occasions. It's my pleasure to be playing Barcus-Berry violins."

Bio: Jason Perri is a fresh new voice in American music - it runs in his blood. Jason's life has been all about music, as an experienced singer songwriter and talented violinist and saxophonist. He has jammed with the best, everyone from Red Skelton to Jonny Lang, Chicago to Brad Paisley.  You can hear his vocals and music used in many radio and TV commercials in the Midwest, and he currently performs over 200 dates a year with the most popular live act in Minnesota - the GB Leighton band. Dan has also formed a duo with Jim Carey called Perri and Carey.

Jason Perri has soaring anthem-like choruses that tell everyday stories from the heartland. His songs speak to and for anyone who's ever fallen in love, worked hard for a living and built a family. Jason's experiences as a husband and father of triplets have given him the life lessons necessary for this heartfelt songwriting.

Jason's listeners can't help but get caught up in the positive vibe of Jason's songs like "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Smile." Jason currently plays the Barcus-Berry Vibrato-AE violin in Amethyst, Red Berry Burst and Berry-Blue.

To find out more about Jason Perri, visit his band's website: www.myspace.com/jasonperri.

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