Terry Hale

Terry Hale, bassist, George Strait

Barcus-Berry Upright Bass Transducer with Preamp (B3150)

Quote: "It took me 25 years to find a pickup good enough to replace my old Barcus-Berry. The new transducer from Barcus-Berry has a deep, throaty growl in the low end, and the sustain is long and strong. The sweet middle notes are very articulate and jump right out there. Switching to the new Barcus-Berry Bass Transducer, what a happy experience!"

Bio: Terry Hale has been a bassist for over 35 years. In the 1970's, Terry joined Mike Daily on steel guitar and Tommy Foote on drums to form Ace in the Hole band. They recorded their first album in 1976 produced by Mike's father, Don Daily. The production company was founded by Mike's grandfather, who discovered George Jones during the Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash era. Later, the lead singer left the Ace in the Hole, and the group posted an opening on their college bulletin board, Southwest Texas State College. George Strait was the first person to answer, and thus, the George Strait Band formed, and the group has together ever since. Terry still plays the bass for George Strait and uses the Barcus-Berry Upright Bass Transducer and Preamp to amplify his sound on tour and during recording sessions.

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