Alicia Previn

Alicia Previn, violinist

Chromatic-AE Violin (BAR-CAEE) in Emerald

Quote: "Playing the Barcus-Berry gives me the flexibility to simply amplify with rich tones, or add effects and pedals to take the violin to new dimensions."

Bio: I began my love for the violin at 7-years-old. I was classically trained by renowned professional musicians, Virginia Majewski and Joan Rotchford-Davies, who were selected by my father, Sir Andre Previn, the conductor of Royal Academy of Music. I trained in the academy's orchestra and eventually experimented with other music genres such as rock, bluegrass, blues and jazz, performing in bands at age thirteen. In high school, I joined the London Symphony Orchestra Chorus, conducted by Sir Andre Previn at Royal Albert and Festival Halls.

Over the years, I have recorded, performed and/or toured with a variety of bands and artists in diverse musical genres, playing across the globe and producing number one hit singles and CDs. I have appeared on television in the U.S. and internationally in music TV shows, commercials, videos and more. I have produced MTV music videos and performed on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. I have also been featured in radio commercials and music magazines internationally.

Bands I have played with include Polydor Records' artist, Philip D'Arrow, Atlantic Records' artist Andy Leek, London Records' artists The Hothouse Flowers, Virgin Records' band In Tua Nua, The Young Dubliners, Dave King's band formerly Fastway and Katmandu, Irish rock band Finn MacCool, Indie band Ten Bright Spikes, Red Planet Records' The Bumpin' Uglies, Virgin Records' David Lowery, JVC Records' Great White and Jack Russell, Capitol Records' Richard Thompson, and Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot,  as well as English bands such as General Public, The Communards, Barry Blue/Julian Littman Productions, and The Flying Pickets. I currently live in Encinitas, CA with my son Max. I teach violin lessons and play violin professionally with The Chuck Butler Band, a classic Calvary 1970s band. I also perform and volunteer at U-Turn for Christ men's recovery ranch in Perris, CA. I enjoy painting murals, surfing, skateboarding and gardening, and am studying Early Childhood Education with hopes of teaching pre-school and first grade.

To learn more about Alicia, please visit The Chuck Butler band website at:

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