Brendon Anthony

Brendon Anthony, fiddler, The Pat Green Band

Vibrato-AE Violin (BAR-AEVR) in Red-Berry Burst and the (1320) Violin Bridge Transducer.

Quote: "Barcus-Berry has always provided state-of-the-art acoustic reproduction. I have used and very much trusted Barcus-Berry products for many years and will continue to do so.

From acoustic violin pickups to acoustic-electric instruments, Barcus-Berry products continue to perform well in every circumstance and for any application my band or I may require.

Barcus-Berry has been the signature instrument for many of my music mentors growing up, and I am now proud to play one as well, night after night.

The moment I plugged in my first Barcus-Berry violin into an amp to play, the sound was so pure. It was true music to my ears, and I realized immediately that I found the violin I have always been looking for. The most important component of music, the musical tone, was found in Barcus-Berry.

I play my Barcus-Berry violin literally everywhere, including at live concert performances, TV shows like David Letterman, records, singles, random recording sessions, band rehearsals, DVDs, jam sessions, music videos....

Barcus-Berry has become a signature of mine, just like Barcus-Berry has for Eileen Ivers or Papa John Creach. I feel as if Barcus-Berry is part of my own identity because of the way it plays and the way I play it."

Bio: Brendon Anthony joined the Pat Green Band in 1996 and has recorded eight albums with his Barcus-Berry violin, including George's Bar, Here We Go, Live at Billy Bob's, Carry On, Songs We Wish We'd Written, Three Days, Wave on Wave and Lucky Ones. Brendon has also recorded with Cory Morrow, Roger Creager and several projects with Lloyd Maines.

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