Brian Batch

Brian Batch , Violinist, Alpha Rev

Chromatic-AE Violin (BAR-CAEE) in Emerald and Vibrato-AE Violin (BAR-AEVB) in Barcus-Berry Blue

Quote: "I have played on many different violins and have found that for playing the kind of rock music that I do, I could not ask for a better tone than what I get from my Barcus-Berry violin. I truly love it!"

Bio: Brian Batch has been playing violin since 10 years of age, attended college at Hardin Simmons as a violin performance major and at UT to pursue his dream of playing music. In Austin, he immediately found himself involved in a project for a new band called Alpha Rev. Alpha Rev is possibly the most refreshing thing on the music scene in years and is self-described as a mixture of "Beethoven and Buckley with British sensibility and American rock".

Beyond refreshing, Alpha Rev brings a realness reminiscent upon such groundbreakers like Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Radiohead and other greats. ATX Magazine called Alpha Rev, easily the most accomplished and polished artist that the Heart of Texas has to offer, offering something unique to many bands these days. They are currently signed with Flyer Records.

To find out more about Brian, visit his myspace:

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