Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham

Chromatic-AE Violin (BAR-CAEA) in Amethyst

Quote: "I have been using the same Barcus-Berry enhanced violin since 1995. I love it. It is a work horse."

Bio: A native of Eugene, Oregon, Bonham began singing at age 5, playing the violin at 9, and piano at age 14. She studied voice at Berklee College of Music and in 1994 the young musician decided it was time to express her own feelings and not those of composers from a different era. She proved to be a quick study; Her 1996 major label debut, The Burdens of Being Upright (Island), went gold, spawning the hit single "Mother Mother", leading to a pair of Grammy nominations as well as an MTV Video Award nomination (her video featured her real mother as well as her step father).

Bonham eventually left Island/Def Jam and began playing in smaller venues, mostly acoustic, reconnecting with herself and her fans. From this experience she met and began collaborating with the three founding members of Blue Man Group and became a part of their Complex tour. She was featured on the tracks "Up To The Roof" and "Shadows Part Two" on The Complex album. In 2003, while on the road with Blue Man Group's The Complex tour as opening act as well as featured guest vocalist/violinist in the Blue Man show, Bonham started selling her EP entitled the Bee EP. Her next full-length album was picked up by Rounder/Zoe in 2005. On Blink the Brightest, Bonham makes full use of a palate containing far more colors than you'll find on those of most writer/artists.

Bonham has performed on TV shows such as The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late Late with Craig Fergusson, A & E's Breakfast For The Arts, and Saturday Night Special with Roseanne Barr. Her songs have recently been played on TV shows such as What About Brian, Brothers and Sisters, The L Word, The Closer, AMC Network, and Rockstar Supernova. Tracy has also appeared as guest vocalist/violinist with artists such as Latin Playboys, NoBlues (from the Netherlands), Ron Sexsmith, Mark Oliver Everet (The Eels), Aerosmith, Euphoria (from Canada), Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Currently Tracy is writing, recording, and string arranging in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY.

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