Rex Wiseman

Rex Wiseman, Fiddler, The Oak Ridge Boys

Vibrato-AE Violin (BAR-AEVR) in Red Berry Burst

Quote: "I work 150 + shows a year with The Oak Ridge Boys. I must have a pro quality violin that I can depend on night after night, an instrument that will take the wear and tear of the road but still deliver a warm transparent tone, both acoustic and electric. My Barcus-Berry violin is there for me every time I hit the stage."

The Oak Ridge Boys, joining in 2006. Born and raised in Birdseye, Indiana, Rex grew up in a musical family. His father, four brothers, and sister were "back porch" pickers, playing mostly for their own enjoyment. Rex, who was the youngest, learned to play the mandolin at age five. Eventually he taught himself to play fiddle, guitar, pedal steel, electric bass, dobro, banjo, and mandolin. At the ripe old age of 11, Rex became a "professional”, earning money by playing in a local Country band with his brothers. When he was 16, he put together his own band. Then in 1980, he moved to Nashville to work with Little David Wilkins. He subsequently worked with John Conlee, Bill Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, Billy Yates, Philip Claypool, and Clay Walker, and currently The Oak Ridge Boys.

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